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New track up: Donna Summer “No More Tears” Remix, Disco / EDM / House?

Duet between Donna Summer & Barbara Streisand.

Track link
In case the Soundcloud embedding doesn’t work:

Sample Attributions
Original vocals – Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand
Various drums from Dave (
Cymbal rolls from Loofa on
Rides from Atomwrath on

Song Story
I wasn’t a huge Donna Summer fan — in fact, I hardly knew who she was, not being from that era — but let’s face it. If it weren’t for disco, techno would be very different. And I like disco, anyway.

So when she died, I went looking for things to remix, and I found this acapella in all its lo-fi glory on Youtube. 2 weeks later, this is the result.

Now I’m gonna get started on another remix, since apparently my brain can’t handle having no track to work on.

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